• Those who won’t disturb us by calling us for reassurance, everytime the market falls.
  • Those expecting a reasonable rate of return. (20-25% p.a. – money doubling in 3-4 years). Expect no magic. 
  • Those with patience to hold the amount invested for 3-5 years. Ultimately the business & profits of our investee companies have to grow for us to make money, which takes time. 
  • Those who have a Fixed Deposit attitude towards their equity investments. 
  • Those who think Counter Cyclically – Put more Funds when markets are down & moderate return expectations when markets are high.
  • Those who understand that Equities are inherently volatile & are not for the faint-hearted. 
  • Those who understand that Equity returns are non-linear. Expect a down year every 5-7 years.