About The Company


  • Counter-Cyclical Investments is Portfolio Management Service Provider, registered with SEBI vide Registration number IPN000006554
  • We invest in small companies to generate big returns.
  • Our expertise lies in spotting, evaluating & investing in promising small capitalization companies.
  • Our experience has shown that a diversified portfolio of such small caps, with strong growth prospects, honest & competent management, bought at a significant discount to intrinsic value, held patiently & tracked constantly for changes in business fundamentals, generates market-beating returns over long periods of time.
  • Over the years, our team has interacted with hundreds of management/promoters, which has enabled us to develop an in-depth understanding of their business, prospects & corporate governance.
  • We are probably the only PMS which does not charge any upfront management fee from our investors. We only charge the performance fee after our investors make over 10% returns p.a. on their investment.
  • Honestly & forthrightness is our policy.


  • Research Oriented.

  • Our passion to study new businesses.

  • Over 50% of our AUM belongs to our promoters.

  • We don’t follow the ‘Model Portfolio’ approach.

  • No upfront fixed fee / management charges.

  • Extremely large coverage universe with over 100 fundamentally sound small caps in our consolidated portfolio.

  • On the ground research, including visiting remote corners of the country, for AGM’s, plant visit & channel checks.

  • Our promoters have experience of ~ 15 years in small cap space.


  • Those who won’t disturb us by calling us for reassurance, everytime the market falls.
  • Those expecting a reasonable rate of return. (15-25% CAGR ~ money doubling in 3-5 years). Expect no magic.
  • Those with patience to remain invested for a minimum 5 years. Ultimately the business & profits of our investee companies have to grow for us to make money, which takes time.
  • Those who have a Fixed Deposit attitude towards their equity investments.
  • Those who think Counter Cyclically – Put more Funds when markets are down & moderate return expectations when markets are high.
  • Those who moderate their future return expectations after a period of strong market returns & vice versa.
  • Those who understand that Equities are inherently volatile & are not for the faint-hearted.
  • Those who understand that Equity returns are non-linear. Expect a down year after every few years.
  • We will have no premonition of any impending market crash. Please don’t expect us to anticipate market crashes.
  • Those who understand the LIQUIDITY RISK in small caps, especially during times of turbulence.
  • If you are prone to panic during market crashes, then panic before investing in our PMS because selling small caps during market crashes will be a nightmare for us & a disaster for our investors. Everyday we would be sitting on LC & our own selling will keep on pushing our stocks lower & lower.
  • Those who understand that the Boom-Bust cycle is the normal pattern of the markets. Consequently, those investors who aren’t prepared to see their equity portfolio in deep red periodically for significant periods, shouldn’t invest in equities in general & in this PMS in particular.
  • We have no view on the market & we don’t take cash calls.  We generally deploy our investors funds within 10-15 working days.
  • Investors have to decide the best time to enter & exit the markets. We generally remain fully invested. Please don’t expect us to time the market on your behalf.
  • Market entry & exit primarily depends upon the luck & fund availability & requirements of each individual investor. Our job is simply to deploy our investors funds in the best available opportunities at the moment, on best effort basis.
  • We are not in the education business. We don’t write any news letters detailing the merits of our invest companies. Our time is better utilised in our core research work.
  • We don’t have any provision for relationship manager. Once you have taken an informed decision to invest in our PMS, please avoid calling us. Those who are looking for regular correspondence & active interaction, may please stay away.
  • We are not insured against bear markets & bad luck.